About Us

In 2016, my passion for making unique products came back. My childhood passion turned into something that will make someone else happy. With the support of my husband and loved ones, I decided to start something that will spread joy and happiness.

With this strong desire, my passion was made into Global Trendz Fashion.

Our Stockings are created with one vision in mind, that is, to turn an everyday accessory into a designed and colorful item that spreads happiness. The creativity and hard work put into her work have turned into something that will not go in vain.

Through this vision, it is important for us to educate our consumers on clothes and belongings that often go to waste. Through this, belongings will not go to waste or be the reason for pollution on our land.

In reaching this vision we aspire to maintain a rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftsmanship, and creativity.

We offer a great variety of stockings that come in unique colors and designs. Classic patterns like Paisley, Big Dots, and Striped Socks, as well as unique designs such as embroidered floral socks and glitter socks, are part of our collections.

Our stockings will go towards any of your wonderful outfits and add more uniqueness to your fashion.

Happy Shopping!